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    Photograph by Josh Lucas.

    The Jargon Garden

    I started this blog during the summer of 2020. Sequestered away by the pandemic with my wife and months-old daughter, I turned to books, writing, and making music. Much of this blog is the byproduct of my working out thoughts, feelings, and ideas spurred on while living and working in quarantine.

    All this writing forced me to consider what it is I really care about. Put simply, I'm curious about how we convince, rationalize, and negotiate ourselves towards the choices and decisions we make. And while the outcomes are important, I'm fascinated by the way we get there.

    The title of this blog has a backstory. I wrote about it here. Yet, you likely intuitively know what I mean by it: the words we use to understand ourselves and others are a mix of superfluous, meaningful, contradictory, eloquent, and profane. They run wild like a garden and have the potential to support life and bring joy.

    I write first to understand myself. I hope that if I'm lucky enough to keep your attention, you find new ways to understand yourself too.

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      About Andy

      Andy is a native North Carolinian, born in Rocky Mount and lived in a handful of cities across the state. He currently lives in Hillsborough with his wife and daughter.

      With an educational background in Communication and experience in digital technologies, Andy has worked at the intersection in several industries, including financial services, media and publishing, and healthcare. He currently works as the director of digital strategy for United Therapeutics.